Connecting people to idle spaces

Chupspace is an online space sharing platform that matches idle hidden spaces and spaces outside of service hours with people who want to borrow or rent. Small business owners are looking for ways to cover the increasing rental cost, while entrepreneurs are looking for spaces for various purposes, from renting a restaurant during off-hours for […]

How to plan an event: A step by step guide

Businesses and individuals are constantly looking for places to throw events, have seminars or a simple offsite meeting. But finding a place that fits your need can be a painful experience. Whether that you need to search everywhere on the internet from Google, Facebook or asking your friends to send you places on Whatsapp, chances […]

Airbnb for parties, events, weddings & film shoot

As most business & home owners rent a space either for activities or accommodation, we intend to forget about the core of why people want to book a place in the first place. People love to experience new things (or old things) and spending crazy amount on trends of food, drinks or fashion accessories. It […]

Earn money as an event space

Internet change how we communicate, travel and work How we share has changed, thanks to the internet. Less than a decade ago, we only share our resources with those who are close to us. Today, we rent our car when we’re not using it; offer rides to strangers; or even a place to sleep for travelers. Working […]

Rustic heritage spaces in Kuala Lumpur

Have you ever wonder what can you do with a 30 year old shop & home? These entrepreneur answers that with action. Being a designer, Mika always liked beautiful things and is always looking to create things that make people go “WOW”. Here’s her latest work: A shop that is bought by her grandparents in […]

We’re In Selangor Accelerator Programme 2019

We’re proud to say that we’re chosen as the top 30 finalists in Selangor Accelerator Programme 2019 that took place on 26th April 2019 in SITEC, SDCC, out of the top chosen startups which includes IoT, mobile application, big data & cloud solutions of over 100 applications. Some of the startups that joined together with […]

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