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Join 129 other hosts in 3 cities -- from meeting room to theme park, you can make money just by opening doors to your underutilized space. It's always free to list.

It comes natural to me when people asks me if they can have birthday party in my place. Hosting with Chupspace just makes everything easier
Host since Aug '18
Everything is handled seamlessly from inquiries to payment. All I have to do is chat & accept booking. It opened up another source of income for my business
Owner at Kitchen Vio
It's exciting to meet new people & professionals when they rent my home for a few hours for shooting & events. Everyone is so professional and friendly here
Host since Nov' 18
Everyone loves to stay in a beautiful house but hate it when you pay for it. Hosting with Chupspace allows us to make extra income without losing a place to sleep
Host since Sep '18

It's easy to host


List for free

Create an account and add a listing. Set your price, information and add great photos. And ready to be seen by hundreds of people booking spaces every month.


Welcome guests

Chat with guests and accept bookings through Chupspace. We will handle your transaction from receiving payment to invoicing.


Get reviews

Get trusted reviews after every booking. Better reviews mean better business. You're doing a great job, now it's time to let the world see you shine

It's easy to earn

Pay low fees

It's always free to sign up and list. We only charge a 3% fee for each booking -- including the cleaning fee.

Set your own price

You have control on your pricing, in case you need additional fees on odd hours, we've got you covered

Get paid quickly

You are paid 24 hours after guests use your space. Payments made easy from overtime charge -- right to refundable deposits

Have every control

You are in control. Share your space in the morning when you’re at work, only during weekends or only after working hours. Choose the type of activities you allow, set rules and price, all can be done in one platform.

What are the guests using it for?

Host only the type of activities you're comfortable with. People from corporate to freelancers are always looking for spaces for work & play


And hundreds of other activities from yoga to cooking classes

We got your back

We know it takes trust for people to visit your space. That's why we came up with steps to ensure that you're covered over the whole booking.

Host guarantee

Guest goes into a legal agreement when booking through Chupspace, where they agree to be responsible for any damages caused over the booking

Verified users

All bookings, guests and hosts are verified before booking, to keep you safe. We will never give out any personal information without consent.

24/7 support

In rare cases that something goes wrong, we will be there for your peace of mind. Our team support every booking to ensure your success, because your success is our celebration.

All spaces fit on Chupspace

All type of spaces fit on Chupspace, whether if it is a home, loft, warehouse, bars, rooftop -- you name it.

Need help before signup?

Get in touch with our consultant online. But before that, you might also get the answer to your question on our FAQ session

You can set custom and weekend prices if necessary when you are adding your space on Chupspace. Feel free to edit the price of the space if you need to, however too frequent changes will create a bad experience for the guests and we do not encourage hosts to change prices frequently. For more details, read our Community Guideline.

We understand that you love your space, and we all love it too. You can always update your available hours online on your dashboard’s calendar. For off working hours booking, you can set available hours for booking and a minimum booking hours if you need to in your dashboard as well.

Guests are charged the full amount upon booking a space through our payment provider. Hosts will receive the payment deducting any incurred fees in 24 hours after each use. Chupspace holds no booking fees and all monies will be held by a trusted licensed provider Stripe Inc.

We make money only when you do. We take a small fee of 3% commission from the total booking fee as a processing fee to ensure your booking goes silky smooth.

We want it to be easy when you host, so we have providers up our sleeves to help you with equipment, catering, decoration and more. Once you accepted a booking, you’ll be able to access our database of vendors & suppliers that you can engage for your success. We have no extra charges on the hosts to engage vendors on our platform.

You are responsible for cleaning and you’re able to charge an extra cost to cover the cleaning. Over the past 1000+ bookings through Chupspace, a short term rental for a few hours will usually not require deep cleaning and professionals are more likely to take care of your location than individuals

We understand you love your space, that’s why we verify the guests before they book your location. We do this so you can have peace of mind whenever hosting

When a booking is initiated through Chupspace, both users go into a legal agreement to compensate for any damages or losses made to their counterparts. Chupspace acts as a facilitator to ensure this occurs smoothly

Our booking system made it seamless for any booking to occur without needing the hosts and guests to be physically present in the space, allowing hosts to earn from underutilised spaces. If the guests insist to visit before booking, we will not be responsible for any damages or loss occurred on the visit.

The guests are verified before they place a booking. In extremely rare cases when the guests do illegal activity in your space, you will not be held responsible as long as the booking goes through Chupspace.

We’re building a healthy community with mutual respect, you’re responsible to inform the guests beforehand on overtime charges. Any overtime is charged 1.5 times hourly rate on default, this is to prevent any booking to affect other parties that have booked the location on another time

You can always set minimum hours for your space on the dashboard. You’re able to control how you rent your space while truly maximizing your space through hourly rental

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