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Fill in downtime

Make money on non-regular hours and holidays easily through our proprietary booking system.

Various purpose

Reach people who are using it differently, from art classes, meeting, party, filming, photo shoot and more.

Ease of transaction

Bookings are automated from collecting payment, invoicing, refund and more, so you can be free from these nitty gritty

What is Chupspace

Chupspace is a website for business owners to easily share or rent a space from an hour slot, for any purpose.

All spaces work

For all shapes and sizes, from a 10 person art studio, to a 100 person abandoned warehouse

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Once approved, your space is listed on Chupspace and ready to get your first booking.

Reach millions online

Make your space available to millions of users needing a space for different purpose


And hundreds of other activities from yoga to gathering

What our host says

– Anne W., host since Nov ’18

Inherited an old bungalow from my grand parents but it is very expensive to maintain. Hosting corporate shoots and small parties gives higher income without losing a place to sleep at night.

How hosting works

Receive new requests

Respond to requests online via the built in messaging tool.

Confirm booking

Once details are confirmed, invite guests to book.

Welcome guests

Guests will arrive on the day of booking, all you need to do is to let them in

Get paid everytime

Receive payment online directly in your bank account in 24 hours

Invite a friend to host together

Get 5% from the total amount they earned for 365 days!

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Need help before sign up?

Get in touch with our consultant online, you might also get the answer to your question on our FAQ session

Anyone can become a host on Chupspace. As long as you have a space that can be spared for the hour, we welcome you to the community.

Hosts will receive the payment deducting any fees in 24 hours after each booking. Chupspace holds no booking fees and all monies will be held by a trusted licensed provider Stripe. See more here

We make money only when you do. We take a small fee of 15% commission from the total booking fee as a processing fee to ensure your booking goes silky smooth.

We’re building a healthy community with mutual respect, you’re responsible to inform the guests beforehand on overtime charges. Overtime fees are billed at the end of the booking through Chupspace. This is to prevent any booking to affect other parties that have booked the location on another time.

Hosts are responsible for cleaning and are able to charge an extra cost to cover the cleaning. You can set upfront costs, or simply collect a payment after booking via your dashboard.

You are in full control of your space, feel free to set whatever price you feel comfortable with. You can also learn how to maximise your space income with our guide

How to set price

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