Why should I host?

Today’s economy is challenging for many businesses. In addition to the ever-present difficulty acquiring customers and sales, rising rents and high commercial mortgages in cities such as Kuala Lumpur have many small business owners sweating. We believe Chupspace has the solution: think differently about your underutilised space. By using productive space differently, people can find […]

5 free ways to market your coworking & event space

5 Proven Ways to Market Your Coworking Space For Free Coworking spaces have been around as serviced offices before made “cool” by WeWork. Following it’s failed IPO, investors, and businesses start to question the business model of every other coworking space out there. In Chupspace, we’ve talked with hundreds of co-working space operators of all […]

How to Price Your Space to Earn the Most Income

Picking the perfect price is like a super power. By changing a single number—your price—you can instantly change how customers see your space. Take the listing below, for instance. At RM300/hr, you get a very different impression than RM35/hr. At RM300/hr, you would expect guests with big budgets—a company party or high profile meeting. These […]

Showcase Your Space: Unique History

In the final installment of our Showcase Your Space blog series, we turn to the past to highlight a location’s unique history. Regardless of whether you are a veteran Chupspace Host or have only recently listed your space in the Chupspace marketplace, every location has a story to tell. One of the key components to […]

Showcase Your Space: Organizing Photos

While it’s great to have fantastic photos of your space, by featuring and organizing photos properly, you can take your listing to the next level. Every day the Chupspace team works to help Hosts optimize their photos in order to increase their listing traffic. We’ve found that it’s just as important to have high quality […]

Showcase Your Space: Seating and Setup

It’s no secret that Guests want to know how the space they are booking will suit all of their practical needs on top of their creative ones. Whether Guests are looking for a unique location for their next photo shoot or need a trendy backdrop for a party, they are less likely to book spaces with […]

Showcase Your Space: Unique Features

As a Host, you know which aspects of your space make it memorable. The key to increasing a Guest’s interest in your space is to understand and communicate these unique features. Listings are the perfect place to describe the nuances of your space and make it stand out. Your space is unlike any other, so […]

Showcase Your Space: Pro Photos

Guests depend on photos to visualize using your space, and listings with the best photos get clicked on the most. Here’s how you can make your space stand out with pro photos. As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So why not make the first impression be […]

Showcase Your Space: Highlight Amenities

We know that better listings result in more bookings. Hosts who follow our recommended best practices for listings comprise 80% of the revenue on the marketplace. The best way to showcase your space is to think like a Guest when you create your listing. Guests want to know how the space they are booking will […]


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