Turning a 30 year old shop into a private rental space

The space started since 2017, an art studio in Kepong Baru that is converted from a 30 year old grocery store.

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The studio before renovation
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The studio after renovation

This is the office for Midori Studio, a contemporary art studio for teaching workshop and classes. It also doubles as a rental space on Chupspace, where it is used for private parties, flea markets, baking classes, private dining and others.

Previously, the space is only used on weekend afternoon for its own private class, there are ample of time where the space is unused. So the owner decided to make full use of its space by converting it into a rental space with more uses.

We’ve seen the increase in popularity of event spaces in the past few years but now Chupspace helps small business owners to get a slice of the pie by providing a solution to easily make use of idle spaces, without the hassle of a traditional venue.

The main point of the renovation is to create new use for the old shoplot and making it suitable for workshop and classes.

First and foremost the most important thing to change it the design of the space. Luckily, the owners has the all the skillset needed to make the space a great one.

Basic amenities for a normal studio

It is important to include tables and chairs that is necessary for a workshop, and creating a soft ambience for an intimate gathering. Of course, adding on additional equipment and amenities are also crucial to make it into a rental space.

Amenities added include:

  • Blackboard and stationery
  • Audio equipment
  • TV and projector
  • Air conditioner

These are the basics of making the space suitable for workshop. However, if it is a private party, more equipment is needed for the guests to be able to enjoy the space to it’s fullest

Adding plants as decoration, and kitchen equipment

Upgrading for space rental

The space already has basic amenities that can be used to have art classes and workshop. But it is only rented 3-5 times a month through the hosts personal effort and listing with Chupspace.

To make things more interesting, and people to book more. It is also important to let the guests know how can they use the space

As this space can be used for private gatherings, it is good to include games and kitchenware that are most of the time needed for a party.

As people may choose Airbnb over a rental space. So hosts have to think how to better attract guests to use their space. Here are a few things that this host added:

  • Child & pet safety lock
  • Cooking & baking equipment
  • Utensils that can be used
  • Extra tables and chairs
  • Induction cooker & steamboat equipment
  • Freezer, microwave & coffee machine
  • Board games & mahjong

Increasing use cases

By adding in amenities & equipment, it opens up the possibility of how the space can be used.

If you add induction cooker, steamboat or BBQ equipment in the space, it is mainly used for a friends & family gathering.

If you add board games, PS4, projector, audio system, it is then mainly used for dating, movie screening, a night out, etc that people can enjoy the games you provide.

A rental space is better used for parties as it has easier parking, free from noise restrictions and no security to pass. People can easily enter and leave without restriction, and usually come with bigger space compared to residential property.

Host of this space charges RM40 per hour of use, where guests can use the whole space and it’s equipment as they like. 

For example, if 10 people gather, you can rent it for 4 hours and place a party for RM20 per person for a snack and additional RM50 per person for any drinks and alcoholic drinks.

We think this space is more convenient and much more comfortable than someone else’s house. Of course, you’ll have to clean it up afterwards to avoid any additional cleaning charges.

We believe in the future, the need for private spaces will increase as people need better places to gather a bigger group, compared to a stayover.

Not only that people are using spaces for private parties, but for various purposes from small meetings, meetup, networking, revision classes and more. By renting spaces hourly, it increases the chances of how a space is being used.

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