Making you feel safe when booking

We take an extra mile to make sure your bookings and payment are safe

Verification of space

You can confidently make a booking because all the space listed on Chupspace have been verified. We also require the owners IC verification, business registration and went through a third party verification to make sure you are safe.

Phone number


IC verification

Social media

Detailed facilities & amenities list

We screen the document provided by the hosts through personal and third party reviews. 

Hosts must submit identification documents such as car license or IC, and in the case of a businesses, a certified copy of the business registration.

Message function

It is important to keep messages through Chupspace, as you will be able to contact the host without disclosing your phone number and email address until you make a booking.

In addition, all communication via the message function is recorded on the system, so it is safe to check the communication later. to prevent any disputes and unwanted arguements.

Secure payment

The booking fee you pay through Chupspace will be held on an escrow payment until you start using the space. So in case of any cancellation and refunds from you or the hosts, rest assured that your fees will be refunded according to our cancellation policy.

*Host cancellation will refund up to 100% to guests

Rating & reviews

By checking reviews and achievements, you can rent space from a host that you feel more secure about.

Genuine reviews only

Only guests who actually use the space can post a review with 5 out of 5 ratings and comments.

Before renting space, let’s check the comments on the average rating and the correspondence of the transaction.

Friendliness rate (Reply / approval)

The average response rate and response time for guest inquiries and reservation requests are displayed on the page.

Also, the politeness of messages is reflected in the display order of search results.

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