3 things to be aware of when planning your meeting in hotels

Be flexible, it inspires creativity

Let’s face it, meetings are DAMN boring. If you feel this way when others call you for a meeting, it is actually the same how others feel when you call a meeting for your team. When you’re looking into other options like coworking space ot hotels, you find the design is just.. as boring.

So what can you, as a event secretary or planner do, to actually help your bosses excite their teams and create bondings through offsite meetings, rather than just a team buidling a year?

Why do people rent hotel conference & meeting rooms?

Hotel conference rooms are easily accessible and pretty straightforward to book, and it gives a more professional touch to your meeting. They’re available in a wide range depending on area, size and budgets, where it ranges from 10 to 500 attendees.

It suits if your guests are mostly travelling from overseas or other states, as they can stay in the hotel and have be at the meeting without the hassle of taking public transport

Hotel staff are also available to help you before, during and after the meeting on event management, set up, catering, and more. They’ve hundreds of meetings & events in the past and are mostly experienced in dealing with your needs. You wouldn’t want your session to start with a microphone malfunction or projection issues.

What are the things to consider before booking a conference room?

While many go back to the same hotel over and over again, to avoid doing extra work of site visits, there are hundreds of others who demand a change in environment for their next meeting (especially employees). If you feel that your attendees are not concentrating on the meeting, it is mostly because the settings are way too professional and they’re already familiar with the space (just like they’re in the office).

Nevertheless, booking a hotel conference room is easy and fits a large number of attendees. However, here’s some tips for you to make your next meeting a good one.

1. Choosing the right environment

Meeting in a home cinema setting

People get comfortable in an environment they’re already familiar with, it’s human nature. If you need your attendees to interact with you during the meeting, you have to first make the environment looks and feel interactive. Here’s how you can do it

  • Find a place with bright natural light – People concentrate better when the space has natural light
  • Colourful environment – Colour inspires creativity
  • Parking – it is important to know the location has enough parking for your attendees to make sure they are on time, alternatively you can choose a conference room nearby public transport within walking distance. Luckily, websites like Chupspace lets you find creative spaces that has parking spots easily.
  • If you’re meeting with clients or prospects, pick a room that projects professionalism.
    • For full-day seminar, you might need to choose a place with flexible settings to keep your audience awake, do keep in mind the catering options and some charge additional fee for bringing in outside food.
    • Presentation – Choose a place with a small stage, with equipped audio system and projector. Choosing a tall stage might leave you out from your audience if you need their engagement.
  • Does the space speak your brand? – If you’re a company that provides professional services, you may need a professional setting room when you’re facing out. However, as more companies adopt flexible working culture to attract younger talents, finding a creative space that speaks your brand and vision internally is equally important.

2. Choose light food

You don’t want to stuff your meetings with heavy lunch and breaks as people gets heavy after eating a lot. It is best to check with the catering provider on a light menu.

3. Stay on time

It is very important to stick with the meeting agenda. By sticking to the agenda, it has better productivity and more importantly, your attendees will not think that their time is delayed. Whenever there’s a delay in agenda, attendees will lose focus because all they can think of is when can they go back.

Had meetings in a photo studio before?

Alternatives to hotel coference rooms in Malaysia

While having a meeting in a hotel is the norm and the easiest choice to go for, it doesn’t make them the best choice. Depending on what you want to achieve, we believe there’s no one size fit all solution and every venue fits a unique purpose.

Chupspace allows professionals like you to find better suited spaces for your next meeting, at your preferred budget. Rather than ending up in a dark, gloomy hotel conference room, in exchange for convenience. We allow you to search for hundreds of creative spaces that are not in your radar, in the location you prefer.

You can choose variety of spaces that inspires your attendees and make them look forward to the next company meeting. from an aesthetic designer studio, art galleries, and more.

Hotels conference rooms are currently the norm for most companies in Malaysia when they’re looking for a meeting outside the office a.k.a offsite, and more convenient as they’re more predictable. But start thinking from your attendees point of view, if they want to be just like anybody else, or you can choose to stand out from the crowd by going to great designed spaces that are pleasing and inspiring.

So next time when you’re booking for a meeting outside the office, try using Chupspace that connects you to creative spaces easier than before, and be amazed by the aestheticism and number of choices we have available for you.

How about a German themed meeting room?

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