Creating an attractive space

Attract more people into your listing and book

Introduce your space attractively

If the content of the space page is complete, it will be easier for guests to make reservations. It is important to have great photos and include description that is attractive to the guests.

Imaginative title

Attract people with the title by writing up titles like “Best for drinking parties”, “Rooftop BBQ” to increase the number of views.

Have great photos

It will be easier to make a reservation request if there are many photos that can draw an image of how the guests can use the space such as arrangement pictures, equipment, image pictures when using, appearance.

If you are having trouble with the photos to be posted, you can introduce the shooting by a professional photographer.

Detailed facilities & amenities list

If you have detailed explanations such as facilities and access methods, you can easily grasp the image of using the space and give a sense of security to those who want to use it.

It's important to have great photos

Duplicate the experience of people visiting your space, tell them what’s included and how the space really looked like

Proposed use case

It is important to know what type of activities that you want your space to cater, and making it suitable for the occassion. Your first image should capture the imagination of your guests and give an idea of how your space can be used.

By making your space attractive to these users, you can get more people booking your space in no time.

A word from Chupspace team

Create a listing that you yourself want to use. If it doesn’t attract you, it probably doesn’t attract everyone else.

With our thousands of bookings we’ve done in the past, we find the best hosts presents their space the best. With clear details and photos, and the ability to make guests imagine what they can do in the space.

Make booking easy

Once the space has been attractively introduced and you have started receiving requests. Start accepting bookings online. The more bookings you make, the more requests you will receive.

Update your availability

By updating your availability from time to time, it will be possible to accept reservations at certain free times, and the closing rate will increase.

Respond quick to guests

Responding to “inquiries” and “reservation requests” from guests within 24 hours will improve the response & approval rate.

Set up template answers

Set up templates to send to your guests if they are looking for visits, details on parking, etc. can increase your speed of response and close bookings quickly.

Hospitality to guests

Ratings and reviews from guests will be displayed on the listing page and will affect future bookings. Collect more positive reviews from guests to improve future bookings.

Great amenities

Wi-Fi environment is useful for offsite meetings guests, while games and decoration are crucial for parties.

Setting up your space’s amenities differently to cater the certain type of guests.

Tell the guests what's nearby

You can improve your satisfaction after booking by introducing the guests on nearby supermarkets and convenience stores and recommended catering.

Collect reviews after each booking

Collect and write your reviews to the guests so they feel appreciated and will use your space again in the future.

As the number of repeat guests increase, you will have better and more stable monthly reservations in the future.

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