A step-by-step guide to plan a birthday party within budget

Birthday parties, we all love it right?

Celebrating birthday for your loved ones is a special event that is meant to be shared with friends & family. Whether if it’s a house party or celebration in a cafe, we enjoy birthday parties as much as children. If you’re hosting a party to celebrate a milestone, sweet 16, 18, 21 or turning 30, 40, 50, you should celebrate excessively as it holds different meaning towards your life. Birthday parties for adults and children involve elements such as inviting friends and family, games, music, food and more.

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What should I do to plan a perfect birthday party?

A birthday for your loved ones, can be extremely time consuming. But I assure you, it will be worth the while once you see them laugh like a kid (in case they are kids) when you take out the birthday cake. As many have asked us where should I even start? We have a list ready for anyone who is planning for the perfect birthday party.

To-do list for a party

Have a vision of the party

Everything starts with a vision (or imagination). Everyone have their ideal type of birthday party in mind whether if it is a Disney’s Princess theme, Cowboy Town, Romantic Party, Football theme, you name it. You know your loved ones the best and do your best to put a smile on their face. Once you have that figured out, start doing the list of things below:

One month before actual date:

  1. Choose a date: While everyone wants a celebration on birthday eve, but for an awesome celebration with friends and family, it is best to place your party over the weekend. Typically choose a weekend before your birthday celebration so you’ll feel it’s an “early celebration” not an “after wish”
  2. Choose a venue: Hosting a party at your house may be ideal, but as most of us stay in condominium & apartment, it may not be the best choice for a birthday celebration. Find a venue from your local cafe & restaurant or simply visit Chupspace so that you can easily book other people’s home, rooftops, or other unique spaces for your birthday celebration.
  3. Inviting guests: Create a list of guests that you want to invite to your birthday celebration, manage your guests easily through a Facebook event invitation. Some guests may bring along their friends to the party nearer to the actual date, you’ll have to reconfirm with on the number of guests again at about 2 weeks before the event.
  4. Set a budget: You can avoid spurring for your birthday celebration by setting up a budget for the birthday party.
Source: Facebook Event Page
Source: Facebook Event Page

3 weeks before: Plan out the details

  1. Food: Planning a buffet for your guests is the most popular and easiest way of serving food. By this time, you should be able to estimate the number of guests based on the invited guest list, plan the food about 20 pax extra to ensure your guests are well-fed or any sudden invitation. Understand the dietary restriction of your guest can be a challenge. Chupspace also provides food catering services that are customizable based on dietary preference with a few clicks.
  2. Decorations: Select the theme of your birthday and search for decoration that fits the theme. Whether if it is a cowboy theme, Disney’s princess theme, we have party planners that suits you.
  3. Entertainment and games: Think of some games and activities and keep your guests engaged and entertained is another big factor of a successful event. Having spaces that provide games, swimming pool, darts and more can be a good addition to your party.

2 weeks before: 


  1. Check on guests invitation: As mentioned before, some guests may bring along their friends and you will still have time to add or reduce the food. Do inform your caterer on the changes, most caterers will understand and will cater to changes in case it is not too close to event date (typically 1-2 weeks before the actual event)
  2. Re-check the schedule of suppliers & providers: As most suppliers handle multiple events in one go, you would want to re-check with them your specifications including the date & time of the birthday party.
  3. Confirm on decoration (Optional): If you hired a birthday party planner, you will most likely have to confirm the design and decoration now. This allows the suppliers to have more time to source or even make the decoration from scratch.

1 week before:

Now you have everything in place and suppliers planned out. This is the time when your guests will starting to ask you more about the venue and how to actually access the place, dress codes and who are the other attendees. Luckily, you have a Facebook event page planned out and the guests will be able to see all the relevant details from there. You can take a break for this week and if you’re still insecure of how things will work, you can reconfirm everything from A-Z again.

Most importantly, have fun!

After weeks of preparation and planning for your big day, it is important to have fun. Having guests might sometimes mean you’re not having as much fun as you should, as you may need to entertain each guest, serve drinks and food, which slowly suck the fun away from you on the event.

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