Rent office space from peers

Businesses are downsizing but contract for office remains, why not rent an office from peers who needs some support?

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Get 30% ~ 50% rental saved than renting an office by yourself

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Move in or out anytime,rent for a day, week or month. 

What is Chupspace

Chupspace is an online marketplace for businesses to share or rent extra spaces easily, for an hour, day, week or month.

Matching site of "people who want to lend" and "people who want to rent"

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Respond to requests online via the built in messaging tool.

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Guests will arrive on the day of booking, all you need to do is to let them in

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Receive payment online directly in your bank account at month’s end

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Get in touch with our consultant online, you might also get the answer to your question on our FAQ session

Anyone can become a host on Chupspace. As long as you have a space that can be spared, we welcome you to the community.

Hosts will receive the payment deducting any fees in 24 hours after each booking. Chupspace holds no booking fees and all monies will be held by a trusted licensed provider Stripe. See more here

We make money only when you do. We take a small fee of 15% commission from the total booking fee as a processing fee to ensure your booking goes silky smooth.

We’re building a healthy community with mutual respect, you’re responsible to inform the guests beforehand on overtime charges. Overtime fees are billed at the end of the booking through Chupspace. This is to prevent any booking to affect other parties that have booked the location on another time.

Hosts are responsible for cleaning and are able to charge an extra cost to cover the cleaning. You can set upfront costs, or simply collect a payment after booking via your dashboard.

You are in full control of your space, feel free to set whatever price you feel comfortable with.

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