New Normal Guidelines

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We have measures before each booking take place so you can be safe

Follow these guidelines to make sure that you’re safe. We are always here to ensure the space is clean and sanitised for each and every guests

For Guests

Basic guidelines for each guest

The basics of infection prevention are the following three:

  • Maintain social distancing
  • Wearing a mask
  • Hand wash

It is appropriate to have a distance of 2m (at least 1m) from people, and the appropriate number of people to use is 1 person per 10 sqft.

Reserve a space that is appropriate for the number of people so that you can avoid “dense” conditions in the space and maintain a proper distance from other people.

In addition, the following is a list of ideas that guests can do to maintain their distance from others.

Example of use

  • Use a desk for 4 people with only 1-2 people
  • Change the layout of desks and chairs so that attendees do not face each other in front

Make sure that you maintain an appropriate distance from people in the space.

Please wear a mask when using the space.

Also, when you cough or sneeze, be sure to covers your nose with a tissue, handkerchief, sleeves, etc.

To prevent infection, wash your hands and disinfect your hands after entering the space.

In addition, we recommend our hosts to provide hand sanitiser. You can also bring your own disinfecting goods etc. with your guests as much as possible.

Ventilation of the space

To prevent the space from becoming a “closed space with poor ventilation”, open the window when you’re using the space or turn the ventilation fan to ventilate the space frequently.

Also, check with the host of the space in advance about the availability of ventilation equipment and how to use it.

Leave a gap between bookings

By booking an hour earlier before you start using, you can design social distances before your guests arrive and prepare disinfecting goods before using the space.

It also gives you time to check with the host that the measures are necessary.

Manage your own health

Please take proper measures such as controlling your own health condition, temperature measurement, frequent hand washing, and taking a good rest.

Also, please refrain from using the space if you are a little uncomfortable due to fever or drowsiness, or if any of the participants are concerned about your physical condition.

If you want to cancel the reservation or change the usage date, please contact the host of the space for consultation.

Check in before use

You and your guests should check in before start using the space with the host. Also, prepare to take temperature readings of your guests. Please check with your host if they provide these facilities to ensure safety condition of yourself, your guests and the host.

For hosts

As hosts, we understand that you want to keep you and the guests safe on the duration of booking. We set guidelines for you to follow and we also provide cleaning professionals that we trust, so you can host with a peace of mind.

Cleaning protocols

All hosts are required to do the following prior to each booking. 

  • Sweep, mop, vacuum and clean the space
  • Supply a hand washing station with soap, warm water, and paper towels or hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol
  • Clean common areas allowing guest access including bathrooms, kitchens, and entrances
  • Collect and clean dishes, silverware, and other provided host amenities, if applicable
  • Remove rubbish and add new lining to cans

Enhanced measures

We used recommendations from the Ministry of Health (MoH) to compile a list of additional precautions hosts can take to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in addition to the standard cleaning protocol.

  • Limit guest count based on state and local capacity guidelines
  • Space out bookings to allow for enhanced cleaning
  • Follow MoH guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting the space between every booking
  • Disinfect high touch surfaces and shared amenities such as light switches, door knobs and coffee machines
  • Properly clean or remove soft, porous materials
  • Schedule a licensed professional cleaner to come between bookings
  • Provide a supply of disinfecting wipes, disposable gloves, or disposable masks for guests
  • Reconfigure the space or add markers to allow for physical distance
a cleaner sanitising a space

Let the professionals do it for you

We partner with professional cleaners to help you clean & sanitise your space after each booking, at no cost from you


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