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Internet change how we communicate, travel and work

How we share has changed, thanks to the internet. Less than a decade ago, we only share our resources with those who are close to us. Today, we rent our car when we’re not using it; offer rides to strangers; or even a place to sleep for travelers.
Working remotely or in a co-working space can sometimes not be the best choice. Especially when we’re booking a meeting room, the time slot we wanted is always booked. A cafe or Starbucks is not going to leave a good impression and the terms of the contract shouldn’t be discussed in public.
It is frustrating when you can’t a space for meeting a client, while you see so many useful spaces around you sits underutilised.

What does it have to do with us?

Chupspace is a peer-to-peer marketplace for businesses and homeowners to share their underutilised spaces for meetings and events. People are getting tired of ballrooms and are moving to non-traditional venue, and we provide a platform for them to do just that, to source unique spaces for their events and meetings, at a cheaper, faster way.

Imagine a world where you can book a museum for team meetings, a courtyard in a private mansion for photo shooting, or an art gallery for product launching, all in one platform. It’s like an enhanced version of Airbnb, but without a bed and disturbing the neighbours midnight.

Businesses like Facebook, Google, and other multinational companies have a culture of renting spaces to work, to increase the teams’ productivity. What’s a better time to build a connection with the smartest people in the world, during their work time, especially when they are in your office?

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Spaces are always underutilised

There are over 40 million sqft of vacant properties in Malaysia alone and over 80% of the time, we’re using most of the spaces other than our own workspace. That’s when the idea come about, a marketplace to match underutilised spaces for events, meetings or any purposes.

We always held events or meetings in either co-working spaces or cafes, in which wasn’t always available, limited space and might sometimes disturb the other guests. The sharing economy concept got us to think that if personal car owners can earn extra income with their free time, why not extra home space, or underutilized space in businesses, or even abandoned malls?

So here we are today, matching you to a space owner which we call “host” where you can rent your house as a venue for events. Here’s some suggestion of spaces that can work as a venue:

Garden For Weddings

1. Garden For Weddings

Pool For Parties

2. Pool For Parties

Rooftop For Dinners & PartiesRooftop For Dinners & Parties

3. Rooftop For Dinners & Parties

Bar for rent

4. Wine Lounge During The Day

Spaces are versatile and will suit different purpose with different components. Your office can be a workspace in the morning but a birthday party space at night, depending on how you set it up. The only limitation is your imagination.

Create Experiences in Spaces


Chupspace connects professionals to creative spaces, while helping small business owners monetise their underutilised spaces by the hour.

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