Life is full of different emotions and events. At some point of emotions or events, you will feel the need for a special ambiance that would give you a comfortable space to indulge at that moment. That ambiance could be found in a café or a park, yet when you are looking for an exclusive place to have the best focus on your life emotions or life events, then these public places would not be a good option. Places with a high level of serenity could hardly be found through a car tour in the town, they were always hidden somewhere else and waiting to be found…

1. Personal Courtyard

A closed courtyard or cottage is suitable for hosting various events such as weddings, kindergarten graduation or a simple friends gathering. All photos that taken in a courtyard or cottage with open air and natural skyline would add colors to the memories. Plantation and nice-maintenance would add value to your courtyard while renting it out. Don’t keep this space only to yourself, share this amazing space with others when it is not in use.

2. Studio

There is no clear definition for a studio. It is a workroom designed for special purposes with necessaries such as equipment and apparatus needed. It could be a photography studio, a sewing studio, a cooking studio, a porcelain-making studio or a broadcasting studio. These places are in high demands from cater to professional freelancers and coworkers to host their job activities and meetups.

3. Training Ground

It feels really good to stretch your body in a clean and serene space. You know it well if you have a training ground for special habits activities such as muay thai, aerial yoga or piano, and now you can consider renting them out at a reasonable rate. These places are sought after highly by practitioners during their private practice or their relaxing time.

4. Sales Gallery

A showroom is set and disassembled after events, it is tiresome and most importantly costly to do so just for a single event. Showroom with well-planned schedule could maximize the utility of the space and the equipment built, having more events utilizing the set-up, it becomes affordable for all to share the cost. If you have a showroom, you can increase your renting rate on Chupspace, while if you are looking out to rent a prepared showroom, you can save a handsome amount of charges paid to set up before the event and the disassemble fee after the event.

5. Gaming Room

For games avid lovers, it would be fun to have a space dedicated to them which is free from nags and stresses. Investing heavily in gaming equipment can generate returns that could reward you to buy better products for your game. Meanwhile, renting your space to alike gamers can connect you a bigger gaming community who shares your loves for gaming. A gaming room could be the one caters for desktop gaming, console gaming or cabinet arcade amusement game machine.

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