Working in a lounge area today and a library tomorrow? You should start doing that to boost creativity and productivity

I’m not sure about you, but I can only stay in one place just for so long before I have to walk away from the work desk and have a change in scenery. But if you have a stationed office, with the flexibility to switch workplace, will you still be able to be as creative as you should be?

Most of us are trapped among the four walls, stare at the same scenery for every day or even years? Successful companies find creative places to work, even if it’s only for a few hours away per week from the usual work desk to handle projects.

On average, each team in high growth companies have offsite meetings at least 5 times a month. Learn how to plan an offsite here

Chupspace gives an alternative choice for anyone that is looking to work in a creative, yet unique space to boost creativity and collaboration. 


My experience so far

When I’m working as the project manager along with a team of 3. The team frequently doze off and there’s not much of impact happening after lunch. I decided that we need a change in ambiance and form of discussion.

Rent a lounge space for discussion might sound stupid at first, but we’re able to make breakthrough through in a less formal environment. I noticed that the workspace does affect our work, as it triggers creativity and gives the team a less pressurized ambiance.


Successful businesses rent creative space

Every business is looking for a way to outshine competitors and be remembered by recruits, investors and customers alike. Renting a unique space for an event helps companies create a memorable experience for guests.

Startup and small businesses simply don’t have a presentable space for a meeting. Either they don’t have an office yet, or they’re simply outgrown their office. They understand that a professional looking space is needed for them to meet customers, partners or investors, rather than a coffee shop down the road.


Amenities preference

You may have different criteria on the space you’re looking to rent

  • Location: Being closer to office reduces traveling time and have a higher attendance rate
  • Layout: Does it fit all the number of people and the purpose
  • WiFi and projector: Making it easier to share files and present slides
  • Furniture: Basic settings like tables, chairs, air conditioner or audio systems

For more formal meetings, it is better to look for a space that has long tables and chairs with a conference room styled space. However, these spaces are found to be more interesting than those found in offices or hotels.

For less formal meetings, like team brainstorms or retreats, you can book lofts and creative workshops with a much more comfortable setting, with a piece of whiteboard or projector.

You can find creative spaces on Chupspace.

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