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Most business owners don’t know how Chupspace helps their business in a long run, and how are we different from other venue rental platforms.

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Most hosts have this concern


Why should I host with Chupspace but not by myself?

If you are sharing the space yourself, you will usually need extra staff to help you on viewing, handling inquiry, handling paperwork, marketing and others. This easily cost over RM10k in expenses every month, but with Chupspace, it is free to start.


Other platform charge 10%, why you charge 15%?

Not only that we bring you bookings, we also bring you tools that saves you 90% of time when you host. Instead of 10 people hosting one space, you can have 1 people hosting 10 space.

How to list on Chupspace

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1. Sign up an account

We need all hosts to sign up an account with us before listing. This is to verify that you have the space and any requests will be sent to the correct email address.

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2. Add a space

Once you have logged in, you can click on add a space and start putting in details of your space.

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3. Go live

Once your listing is approved, your space will go live and you can start getting bookings. The ranking of your space is determined by several factors, please find out more about it here

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4. Get your first booking

You will start to get your first booking on Chupspace, you will only need a few clicks to host your space. You don’t have to negotiate price, quote, prepare invoice, collect payment and skip all the work.

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5. On the day of use

Send details on how to access the space and guests can enjoy the space themselves. It is recommended for hosts to create a self serviced space for guests to enjoy, and not be present on the day. Guests who book are verified and paid in full, you are also safeguarded from any damage, theft and loss when booking with us up to RM50k.

How we make it safe for you>

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6. Get ready for the next booking

You can set rules to require guests to do basic cleaning after using the space. Or if you want to clean up after them by charging additional fees, it’s all up to you. It is recommended to clean up the space right after a booking to make sure that you’re able to claim on any losses and damages during your booking.

More about bookings

About booking

On the day of use

Reassurance effort


About Booking

You can message the host through the messaging services to confirm availability before booking, if the space is booked by others, you will know immediately the dates are not available. If you need to visit the space, feel free to communicate with the host on the platform. Messaging and paying through the platform is the only way to be protected under our cancellation & overtime policiesdispute resolution process, and fraud safeguards.

In case you change your mind, you can always do it for free within 24 hours after booking. Check our Cancellation & refund policy for more information

You can do anything you wish in the space you book, from meetings, parties, weddings, mini concert and anything that you need an extra space for. However, it is up to the hosts to approve your request based on the type of activities hosted. There are some abiding rules that you need to be aware of when booking, please follow the house rules set by the hosts to ensure a healthy community on Chupspace.

We currently accept debit & credit card payment through Stripe Inc. All payment goes through a compliant gateway provider to ensure that your payment is safe and Chupspace holds no rental charges but will be responsible to liaise with Stripe Inc. on any disputes, refunds & payouts whenever necessary.

We’ve set certain guidelines for the hosts when they list their space, which includes verification, preview of spaces & more. We send a team to verify the space before listing it on the platform to ensure only the best quality and experience.

It is complete free to use the platform to search, inquire and chat. You will only have to pay when you wanted to book and use the space. All bookings through Chupspace are governed by our policy where we acts as a middleman to ensure the quality & services of the host. 

A typical event all starts by having the right space. When you’ve found your perfect space and placed your booking, you can get in touch with our team for any additional services & items that you need for your event. From a simple food catering to a professional photographer, you can host a perfect event, meeting or any activities through a few simple clicks and our team will take care of the nitty gritty matters.

We pride ourselves on transparent prices, where all our suppliers & hosts are provided to you at a lower price as compared to you getting an outsourced provider. Chupspace takes no markup other than the service fee that we are to charge at the end of the booking, where you are able to view upon checkout. We get cheaper price by dealing with suppliers on volume, which means more people use the platform, the cheaper it will be.

When you found a space that you wish to book, simply fill in the booking form at and the host will receive a notification on your booking. No fees will be collected for inquiry, so feel free to send multiple inquiries to other spaces that you’re interested in. Once the host accepts your booking, you will need to make payment online to secure the space. All payment goes through a safe payment gateway Stripe Inc.

Yes, for any bookings that is made through Chupspace platform will be secured by our Refund & Cancellation Policy. We make sure that you get full refund for your booking if you cancel the booking 28 days before the booking date. You pay your booking fees upfront to secure the space and we only release the fees after you used the space. You can also check on the space’s rating and reviews before placing a booking to make sure it suits your needs.

About Requests

All bookings through Chupspace is governed by our Refunds & Cancellation Policy and you will be secured of your payment in case the host cancels your booking. On a host initiated cancellation, you will be getting back full refund on your payment minus any processing fee. For hosts that cancel bookings without any valid reasons will be removed from the Chupspace platform to ensure a healthy community.

We encourage our hosts to reply all messages within 24 hours. If you do not hear from the host but they have already approved your booking, feel free to make payment online.

About Cancellation

You can find any booking related information inside dashboard, on the reservations tab. You will be able to see all the past inquiries that you’ve sent and also those that is already confirmed and secured. You can chat, make payment & review the host inside the reservation dashboard.

Once you request is sent, it is not a confirmed booking yet and will not secure the booking dates. You will not be able to change any information on the booking inquiry but feel free to resend the amended booking request. Once payment has been made, the dates will be blocked and your booking is confirmed.

You can cancel any booking request that you have paid, or not paid via dashboard. Simply login to your account, and choose reservation tab, the cancel button is located right at the tab. All bookings, cancellations & refunds will be following the guideline of our Cancellation & Refund Policy.

Once you’ve sent a booking inquiry to the host, you will be able to check your reservation, payment and booking status in your account dashboard. Bookings will be based on a few statuses:

  • Under Review: Request is sent but not confirmed by the host
  • Available: The space is available and the host welcomes you to place a booking.
  • Booked: Payment has been made and your space is secured

You will be informed through email every step of the way, check your email closely for any updates on your booking.

You will only be charged for your booking after you are approved by the host to make a booking. Once the payment is made, the space is secured and locked for you to use

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