On the day of use

What happens on the day

About parking space

Ask the host to grant you access to the parking lot or any paid parking nearby. We highly recommend you to make this clear before you book the space with your host.

Handing over keys

Use the message function to confirm how to access the space with the host. Depending on the space, you may have different ways of entering the space.

In case of trouble

As a general rule, you will resolve any problem when using the space with your hosts.

If it is difficult for the parties to resolve the issue, please contact Customer Success .

Handling of equipment in the facility

Please be careful when handling any equipment or amenities. You will have to compensate on any damages, theft or loss of the equipment after the booking.

Leaving a review

When you’ve done using the space, write a review of why you like the space and support the host on their work.

Have questions?

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