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Looking for extra income while sitting at home? Why not make your home or any space that you have into an asset that generates you income, without much work from your end?
Over 50,000 hosts have shared their homes on Airbnb, but because you don’t have a place that you can share for people to sleep in. You’ve missed the opporunity to earn from Airbnb.
Today, we’re going to introduce you to ways on how you can earn from spaces that you own, without losing a place to sleep.
Office studio that turned into a rental space on weekend

Opportunity for existing businesses & homes

As we all may have noticed, businesses operates only certain time of the day, leaving over 50% – 90% of spaces just sits underutilised.

What if you as a business owner or property manager, has the ability to share your space outside your working hours through a safe and secure environment, with close to zero staff involvement?

Over hundreds of business owners started sharing their meeting room, bars, office space, studios when they’re not using it through Chupspace

Unoccupied properties at shopping malls. (Photo by Shinya Sawai)

The opportunity you may have missed

There are over 40 million sqft of office / commercial space in Malaysia that is not sold, and with over 30% of unrented commercial properties as businesses are going lean with digitalisation.

With COVID-19 speeding up the whole digitalisation process, the utilisation of real estate is decreasing even further.

So how can you earn money from these properties?

People starts to turn these spaces into coworking space, event spaces, studios which has its limitations, where you need additional cost to run these spaces effectively, without the ability to maximise the earning potential of these spaces.

After talking to hundreds of event space & coworking space operators, their main cost of running a space are staff, utilities, marketing and rental cost.

And most of the time, operators can only handle one space with costs as high as RM10k a month with limited earning potential, as they only operate these spaces on working hours.

The thing we’re trying to say here is, what if we can create new value in these commercial real estate, without the cost of operating it?

And how can you, who have previously invested in commercial properties, make better use of these real estates than burning cash to sustain your investment?

Hundreds of business & home owners share their space when they’re not using it. Creating a new income opportunity that are previously missed out by most people with real estates.

You can start either turn your space into a rental space, or work with businesses who have a space but do not want any extra effort on operating the space.

By working on a partnership with these spaces, you can now earn from 20%-30% from the total booking fee, which normally ranges about RM100 – RM300 per booking.

You need a team to manage and market the space if you do it yourself. But through Chupspace, you can start earning immediately at zero cost.

Remote working, meeting, stream

Business use

WiFi, aircond, electrical plug, TV, tables & chairs are needed for this purpose. It is cheaper compared to other use cases, and all amenities are already present in most places.


  • WiFi
  • TV / projector
  • Tables and chairs
  • Coffee / water machine
  • Electrical plug
Small party, hangout before class

Party use

Great and cozy design, equipped with amenities like board games, cooking equipment, utensils, TV, BBQ and others. People can use your home for small parties.


  • Renovation
  • Decoration & design
  • Games
  • Cookware and kitchen
  • TV, audio system
Film shoot, photo shoot

Production use

Unique design, aircond, electrical plug, natural lights are needed for this purpose. Depending on the design of your space, you may only cater to one type of shoot.


  • Renovation
  • Decoration & design
  • Great lighting / natural light

Platforms like Chupspace makes it easy for anyone to share spaces by the hour, without the cost of operating like a space we’ve mentioned before. 

Chupspace is an online marketplace that let’s you share your space for a few hours. People are using Chupspace to find places for small parties, meeting, film shoots, revision classes, photo shoots and more.
Similar to Airbnb, users can share their space with us as a host, or books a space as a guest. We provide the tools and safety measurements to make sharing easy.
Over hundreds of hosts have listed their space with us to earn extra income by making their space available whenever they’re not using it.

Earn extra money as Chupspace host

Maximise your real estate by sharing spaces during off-peak, non-business hours or regular holidays


Chupspace connects professionals to creative spaces, while helping small business owners monetise their underutilised spaces by the hour.

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