Earn extra income from homes & offices

Looking for extra income while sitting at home? Why not make your home or any space that you have into an asset that generates you income, without much work from your end? Over 50,000 hosts have shared their homes on Airbnb, but because you don’t have a place that you can share for people to sleep […]

Turning a 30 year old shop into a private rental space

The space started since 2017, an art studio in Kepong Baru that is converted from a 30 year old grocery store. Find out more about the studio here The studio before renovation The studio after renovation This is the office for Midori Studio, a contemporary art studio for teaching workshop and classes. It also doubles […]

7 things to know before accepting a film shoot booking

Professional production crew often look for apartment and homes to shoot in. Whether if it’s a short film, TV commercial, drama, or movie, professionals can find spaces that suits their next shoot easily on Chupspace. While you can rent your apartment on Airbnb, it is very unlikely that you’ll be renting out the whole house […]

Renting your office space by the hour

You renovated your office but not fully utlising it You’ve spent around RM50,000 renovating your office before you start earning a dime. That’s the norm of businesses in Malaysia and even the world. But as time goes by, you realise that the meeting rooms that you built to meet client, and the conference room is […]

Some good old monthly renting

How Malaysians can get higher ROI for your real estate in 2020

Malaysians love properties. It is seen as one of the safest investments by Malaysian investors, as the value of properties is always on the rise. Although there is an anticipated bubble of property in 2019, it seems nothing is stopping Malaysians to get a place of their own. While we see new developments every day for residential properties, it […]

Unique house for filming

Earn money as a host This lady earns RM7500 in 3 days, and how you can do it too From 2015, with the rise of Airbnb in Malaysia on their home-sharing platform that allows travelers to find a place to stay. Anne is one of the first hosts that jumps right into the trend. Like […]

Why should I host?

The reason why you should host on Chupspace Today’s economy is challenging for many businesses. In addition to the ever-present difficulty acquiring customers and sales, rising rents and high commercial mortgages in cities such as Kuala Lumpur have many small business owners sweating. We believe Chupspace has the solution: think differently about your underutilised space. […]

The bright ambience is suitable for meetings

5 Free Ways To Promote Your Coworking Space

Coworking spaces have been around as serviced offices before made “cool” by WeWork. Following it’s failed IPO, investors, and businesses start to question the business model of every other coworking space out there. In Chupspace, we’ve talked with hundreds of co-working space operators of all sizes. From WeWork, Common Ground right to pops-and-moms coworking space, […]

How to set price and earn most income

Picking the perfect price is like a super power. By changing a single number—your price—you can instantly change how customers see your space. Take the listing below, for instance. At RM300/hr, you get a very different impression than RM35/hr. At RM300/hr, you would expect guests with big budgets—a company party or high profile meeting. These […]

Showcase Your Space: Unique History

In the final installment of our Showcase Your Space blog series, we turn to the past to highlight a location’s unique history. Regardless of whether you are a veteran Chupspace Host or have only recently listed your space in the Chupspace marketplace, every location has a story to tell. One of the key components to […]

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