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Share your space by the hour

Control your time

You have full control over how you share the space. Whether it’s only on weekends, after 6 pm or only on Mondays, it can be easily done in Chupspace.

You can also set rules about your availability, including:

  • Minimum hours to book
  • Available hours
  • Type of activities allowed

Set your own price

You get to choose your hourly prices, and our tool will get the rest done for you. Everything can be done through phone and laptop.

You can also easily add custom details like:

  • Cleaning fees
  • Weekend charges
  • Overtime
  • Discount prices on longer hours

Set your own rules

To help set expectations, you can add Host Rules that guests must agree to before booking. If a guest breaks a rule after they book, you can cancel the reservation without penalty.

Manage bookings

You will receive requests when the guests start booking. You will be informed on the dates, time, purpose of booking and number of pax. Have full control to accept or decline the booking.

Vince L, Host since Sep '18
Vince L, Host since Sep '18

Bought my house back in 2018 and find it a waste when I’m always at work. Hosting helps me to earn extra income without losing a place to sleep.

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Guidance to get you set up

As you’re creating your listing, we’ll ask you the questions that guests want to know about when booking. You’ll describe your home, providing details like what’s special about the space, including any quirks they can expect.

Thousands of professionals

Once you’ve completed your listing, guests from all over can find your home in search results. Thousands of professionals are looking for a place on Chupspace and we have tools to help you get reservations that work for you.

Need help before signup?

Get in touch with our consultant online. But before that, you might also get the answer to your question on our FAQ session

It is completely free to become a host and start earning online. We make money only when you do, where we take 15% to on every successful bookings placed through the Chupspace platform. Every booking is supported by the Chupspace team, and we work hard to ensure best experience for both parties.

Guests are charged the full amount upon booking a space through our payment provider. Hosts will receive the payment deducting any incurred fees in 24 hours after each use. Chupspace holds no booking fees and all monies will be held by a trusted licensed provider Stripe. See more here

People come to Chupspace for various reasons, from hosting a birthday party for their children to having yoga classes. As a host, you have full control of how you want to rent your space, guests will send a request on their usage for you to approve. When you list a new space, you can choose what kind of activities that your space can do and set house rules before each usage.

Chupspace is a platform built on top of trust, communication and professionalism. The guests and hosts would require verification before they can list or book a space, in the form of profile picture, social profile and ratings, so that you know who you are dealing with. Chupspace acts as the middleman for transaction on both parties to create easy and secured transaction, communication and trust.

You can always set minimum hours for your space on the dashboard. You’re able to control how you rent your space while truly maximizing your space through hourly rental

Our booking system made it seamless for any booking to occur without needing the hosts and guests to be physically present in the space, allowing hosts to earn from underutilised spaces. If the guests insist to visit before booking, we will not be responsible for any damages or loss occurred on the visit.

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