Rustic heritage spaces in Kuala Lumpur

Have you ever wonder what can you do with a 30 year old shop & home?

These entrepreneur answers that with action.

Being a designer, Mika always liked beautiful things and is always looking to create things that make people go “WOW”. Here’s her latest work:

A shop that is bought by her grandparents in the 1980s had been transformed into a stunning workshop. Operating for a year, the space is open for people who need a space to conduct classes, meetings and even bazaar. Before the transformation, the shop is previously a mini market, storage and even homes for foreign workers. After the mini market closed down, it is very difficult to rent out at a higher price due to the condition of the shop.

“Why not I change the shop into my own workshop and conduct classes?” And so, the end result is a beautifully designed and repurposed property. With the help of her family members, her husband doing the woodwork, father giving table top, uncle giving table legs and mother to provide all the plants, the transformation is done in 2 months.

She turned the rooms into her office and rented out the rest to her close friends. They even conduct workshops of their own like flower decoration, painting and more. People coming for their workshop have other ideas of the place and Mika starts renting out the place for other people.

“It is much more acceptable for people to lend the place when it is a commercial place. Since we’re not having classes all the time, this is like a second income for the business. It is much easier and secured to lend out the place for 2-3 hours a day and they won’t stay overnight.”

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“It’s always a regret that the most beautiful places in KL town, Pasar Seni has became a place where tourists hangs out and foreigners sell things.”

This group of entrepreneurs brought back the place that they grew up back into the scene. At the same row of Merchant’s Lane there’s another historical hidden gem restored and repurposed.

Being able to fit 30 people for workshops, photoshooting, dinners & seminar, this loft in Pasar Seni should definitely be the next location of choice. Private owned by Baichuan Sdn Bhd, this space is repurposed alongside with Kwai Chai Hong.

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No one likes staying in old houses, but these are the gems hidden from plain sight of normal people. Everyday, we see high rise buildings & towers and even stay in apartment and condominiums due to increasing living expenses.

The location is repurposed from a 6,000 sqft house from 1970 that can be used for photo & film shooting, workshops, dinners, gathering, weddings and more. There’s a lot of music videos for Chinese New Year and Petronas eye-watering films are taken here.

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Chupspace connects professionals to creative spaces, while helping small business owners monetise their underutilised spaces by the hour.

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How homestays stay afloat on COVID-19

Ever since COVID-19 outbreak, businesses, people and even countries took heavy hit. This is especially true for the travel industry, where Airbnb’s valuation halved earlier this year. As Airbnb is an intersect of the two market that got affected by COVID-19, real estate & travel. Here’s our analysis on what is going to happen in (at least) the next 12 months.

Image from Wikipedia

Impact to travel industry in Malaysia

As we have seen, international travels are very heavily affected. And countries who have previously lifted travel ban, have high chances to get themselves into the second wave of pandemic, making country officials to think twice before lifting any bans in the future.

As Malaysia have previously lifted domestic travel ban, we can now travel cross state with ease. However, as inbound tourism is still banned, hoteliers and home stay operators tend to lose millions of foreign travellers who travels to Malaysia every year.

We’ve seen dozens of home stays and hotels closed down, or they have to focus on other businesses to stay afloat, that includes monthly stays, cleaning services & others.

Impact on home stays & home sharing

As we have already know, there are about 50,000 hosts in Malaysia who share their homes for travellers to stay. Many of them, are on the commercial side, which means that they rent a house from the owner, renovate, and share it on booking platforms including Airbnb, Agoda, Booking and others, earning margin in between, or simply get a management fee from the owners when they help to manage properties.

Most hosts make a living on getting a share from renting out these homes for the owners, and when the pandemic hits. We see over at least 90%, if not all, of the bookings cancelled overnight. This heavily affects people who operate and work on this field, while relying solely on domestic travels only.

Screenshot from Airbnb

We’ve talked to hundreds of hosts & owners on their take to stay afloat during this pandemic. Many of them accepted the fact that domestic travels is not enough to cover operation costs.

But what can you, and thousands of others, do during this pandemic to keep yourself afloat before it is a norm to travel again?

Are you going to move back into monthly stays, where you compete with other home owners and make rental that barely cover your instalment?

Or, are you looking for a better way out?

As we all have been through it, staying at home makes people go nuts. We’ve seen memes like this

Image from YouTube

People are urging to go out, despite the fact that places are restricted and not as safe as before. We’ve seen people in bars, cafes, restaurants just like before, even with the restriction and guidelines in place. It seems social meetup is here to stay, even during the pandemic.

How can hosts monetise social & commercial activities?

As some hosts already found out that people are more likely to book a stay when your space is better equipped for gathering, which includes things like BBQ pit, board games, karaoke, swimming pools, etc. 

There are other things that can be done inside the property which includes meetings, networking, filming, parties and others.

Offsite meetings
House parties
Filming location

Host your space for a purpose

With over thousands of searches every month on Chupspace, people are looking for great spaces to work, or simply to have fun. While hosts are struggling to make rent, why not try to list your space for a purpose?

We’ve opened up a new market for people who have a space or home, to share it for a few hours. Think your space like a gathering spot, where you can host small weddings, meeting, meetups, yoga classes and any other activities that only need a few hours of the space.

Your space can be shared in the morning for a simple meeting, and a photo shoot session in the afternoon. As people are using your space for small meetups, you can set restrictions on how these spaces can be used for

“Made RM7,500 in 3 days when I shared my house for filming on weekdays. It’s interesting to see how my space is being used and I always look forward to the next booking.”

– Anne W., Host in Kuala Lumpur since 2019

How space rental works?

As you have previously rented for a whole night, and have less worries on the charges, changing it to hourly rental may seem a little confusing. But it is worth it, especially when it helps to cover your idle days like Monday – Thursday, when you less likely to have bookings.

Sharing your space can be lucrative as you can charge more than you rent for stays. As some hosts may have concerns on the cleaning, you can always impose cleaning fees. But the best is to let the guests clean up after themselves, by imposing cleaning charges if the guests did not clean up. 

If your space is always used for filming, birthday parties or gathering, you can list it on Chupspace. We provide safety nets for hosts who rent their space at a RM50k insurance coverage, in case there are any damages during the booking.

Share your space

List for free, set your price, choose how and when you share

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New Normal Guidelines

We have measures before each booking take place so you can be safe

Follow these guidelines to make sure that you’re safe. We are always here to ensure the space is clean and sanitised for each and every guests

For Guests

Basic guidelines for each guest

The basics of infection prevention are the following three:

  • Maintain social distancing
  • Wearing a mask
  • Hand wash

It is appropriate to have a distance of 2m (at least 1m) from people, and the appropriate number of people to use is 1 person per 10 sqft.

Reserve a space that is appropriate for the number of people so that you can avoid “dense” conditions in the space and maintain a proper distance from other people.

In addition, the following is a list of ideas that guests can do to maintain their distance from others.

Example of use

  • Use a desk for 4 people with only 1-2 people
  • Change the layout of desks and chairs so that attendees do not face each other in front

Make sure that you maintain an appropriate distance from people in the space.

Please wear a mask when using the space.

Also, when you cough or sneeze, be sure to covers your nose with a tissue, handkerchief, sleeves, etc.

To prevent infection, wash your hands and disinfect your hands after entering the space.

In addition, we recommend our hosts to provide hand sanitiser. You can also bring your own disinfecting goods etc. with your guests as much as possible.

Ventilation of the space

To prevent the space from becoming a “closed space with poor ventilation”, open the window when you’re using the space or turn the ventilation fan to ventilate the space frequently.

Also, check with the host of the space in advance about the availability of ventilation equipment and how to use it.

Leave a gap between bookings

By booking an hour earlier before you start using, you can design social distances before your guests arrive and prepare disinfecting goods before using the space.

It also gives you time to check with the host that the measures are necessary.

Manage your own health

Please take proper measures such as controlling your own health condition, temperature measurement, frequent hand washing, and taking a good rest.

Also, please refrain from using the space if you are a little uncomfortable due to fever or drowsiness, or if any of the participants are concerned about your physical condition.

If you want to cancel the reservation or change the usage date, please contact the host of the space for consultation.

Check in before use

You and your guests should check in before start using the space with the host. Also, prepare to take temperature readings of your guests. Please check with your host if they provide these facilities to ensure safety condition of yourself, your guests and the host.

For hosts

As hosts, we understand that you want to keep you and the guests safe on the duration of booking. We set guidelines for you to follow and we also provide cleaning professionals that we trust, so you can host with a peace of mind.

Standard cleaning protocols

All hosts are required to do the following prior to each booking. 

  • Sweep, mop, vacuum and clean the space
  • Supply a hand washing station with soap, warm water, and paper towels or hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol
  • Clean common areas allowing guest access including bathrooms, kitchens, and entrances
  • Collect and clean dishes, silverware, and other provided host amenities, if applicable
  • Remove rubbish and add new lining to cans

Enhanced measures

We used recommendations from the Ministry of Health (MoH) to compile a list of additional precautions hosts can take to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in addition to the standard cleaning protocol.

  • Limit guest count based on state and local capacity guidelines
  • Space out bookings to allow for enhanced cleaning
  • Follow MoH guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting the space between every booking
  • Disinfect high touch surfaces and shared amenities such as light switches, door knobs and coffee machines
  • Properly clean or remove soft, porous materials
  • Schedule a licensed professional cleaner to come between bookings
  • Provide a supply of disinfecting wipes, disposable gloves, or disposable masks for guests
  • Reconfigure the space or add markers to allow for physical distance
a cleaner sanitising a space

Let the professionals do it for you

We partner with professional cleaners to help you clean & sanitise your space after each booking, at no cost from you

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Connecting people to idle spaces

Chupspace is an online space sharing platform that matches idle hidden spaces and spaces outside of service hours with people who want to borrow or rent.

Small business owners are looking for ways to cover the increasing rental cost, while entrepreneurs are looking for spaces for various purposes, from renting a restaurant during off-hours for their pop-up shop once a month to having video shoot in office desk areas at night.

Since our inception in 2018, we’ve met with entrepreneurs and companies who are constantly looking for a space that they can use. The most interesting one is a booking before Chinese New Year, where hamper companies are looking for a workshop space to pack hampers.

Why do people rent?

Office-based tech startups can always rent a place in co-working spaces, but there are other entrepreneurs who are looking for other types of locations like a yoga studio, kitchen, heritage houses and performance studio for various purposes.

While the concept of borrowing our space has always been around, there are no easy ways for people who are just starting up and not knowing people in the field. For instance, production crews have no easy way to shoot in a cafe on operation hours. Sometimes finding a location takes days or even weeks to search for and get approval from the owner.

Matching site of "people who want to lend" and "people who want to rent"

Owners who have land, buildings, and stores that they are not using had to “lease” or “sell” to use the property. Actually, there are needs such as “I do not use much, but I use it occasionally. I want to lend only for free time.” However, there was no service that could respond to such small needs.

To make it easy for people to book and share spaces, we come up with a platform that connects people to spaces that is previously unavailable. From bars in the morning, houses with tenants, vacant warehouses, private music studios and hundreds of other locations can be borrowed with 3 simple clicks.

Difference from renting from venue

As venues found online are commercialised and more expensive, a lot of times it is not the most affordable choice to go for. Commercial venues typically pay a monthly rent to landlords and sublet it at a smaller fraction (typically 1-3 days) to guests.

On the other hand, in Chupspace, we do not rent a room. The biggest difference between us and venues is that we only find borrowers and matches them, and gives the owner an opportunity to profit from their existing spaces.

Value provided by Chupspace

Attract customers

Chupspace will discover and introduce customers who want to rent a space by conducting various marketing activities on the Internet.

Management system

We provide a reservation management system necessary for operation, such as room availability, reservation status, and customer interaction.


A transaction function that collects money from users and pays the owner. It provides all the basic functions necessary for an owner to start a space rental business. Providers that provide all the necessary elements for such businesses are called “platforms”.

Creating a new ecosystem

We are creating new business value by renting and borrowing “idle real estate” by the hour. We believe that it will be a platform that can provide the one answer to current social issues, such as the problem of unoccupied houses, which will become increasingly problematic in Southeast Asia.

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Book a space from local hosts to meet share and collaborate

Share space and earn

Make money by renting out extra underutilised spaces by the hour

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