8 creative ways to celebrate birthday as an adult

As adults, we’re not as excited to celebrate birthdays as teenagers or kids. As we might have tried most variations of a normal birthday celebration over the years. From going to Green box karaoke, to drinking in a club, rave parties, house parties in Airbnb and eventually in a fancy restaurant. Everything feels great when it is new, and the feeling fades away with time. 

All birthday celebrations involved planning, booking a place, arrange catering, and the list goes on. Luckily, websites like Chupspace helps connecting you to spaces that you can throw unforgettable parties without worrying that you’ll disturbing neighbours. There are hundreds of space to choose from that is sure to fit your budget.

Instead of asking you to celebrate like you would in the past, this year, we want you to spice things up a little. Here’s 8 party ideas for you to celebrate a birthday as an adult, and have fun with your friends:

1. Cooking classes

If the birthday girl (or guy) is a genius in the kitchen, and love to have people try their cooking. Celebrate with a cooking class party by having a cook together with friends and family.

Choose anything from making sushi to baking, and with a tasty idea, no one’s left hungry. Plus, you don’t have to spend on ordering food and everyone gets to make their own food.

If you can’t cook but still want to enjoy the fun of cooking classes on your birthday, websites like My Weekend Plan definitely help

Game night

2. Game night

You can consider throwing a game night, where you and your attendees play games together. There are a lot of party games (with or without alcohol) that you can search online. Enjoy the night in a private space where you can move about, make noise, without disturbing people next table.

Camping outdoors

3. Camping outdoors

Having a trip to the mountains, jungle trekking or simply having a picnic outdoors can give a refreshing feel to you and some of your close friends. As it is stressful enough as an adult, having a day to relax in nature with a group of your friends can give a fresh perspective.

Dinner night

4. Dinner night

Get together with a group of friends, have BBQ, potluck or order food from outside can be relaxing. Birthdays are a very good reason for old friends to get together, and relive old memories in school, or college. Be sure to plan ahead on the food, else you might only have pizza for dinner 🙂

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5. Escape room

Escape room parties are perfect for small groups of four to 12 people who want a fun challenge. Spaces like Hauntu are some of the more creative escape rooms that you can go to whenever you’re in Kuala Lumpur. It’s scary, and don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

6. Time hop

Find retro spaces that brings you into something from the past, like this space HERE. Pick your favourite decade and decorate the space with food and drinks to match, then ask guests to come in costume. When the birthday guest walks through the door they’ll find themselves magically transported back in time.

Costume party

7. Costume party

Imagination is the limit for costume parties. You can either set a theme that the birthday person likes, or have let your guests’ creativity shoot up the roof. Costumes can be rented at low fees at websites like Borobear and Pinjamla

8. Sports party

Decorate the cakes and food with their favourite sport. This means golf cupcakes, or basketball shirts. Bringing your loved ones to enjoy what you do, and bring the sports of your choice into the rest of the party decor. Also, feature the sport as a game for the party in an open yard or space outside (well definitely not for golf, you’ll need Deemples for that)

Final thoughts

There are hundeds more ways to celebrate birthday parties creatively, without breaking the bank. Throw a memorable party with affordable spaces in Chupspace, with no minimum spending, no hidden fees and worry that you’ll disturb neighbours like Airbnbs.

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