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About us

Chupspace is an online marketplace where you can access hundreds of previously unavailable spaces for a few hours. No matter what you plan to achieve, we're confident we will have a place that is just right for you


We aim to enrich lives of millions in Southeast Asia by building meaningful connection through space rental. At the same time helping people create additional source of income that they previously wouldn't have.


We value mutual respect, integrity and honesty over financial transaction. As we believe we are in a business to help people achieve their goals, by making spaces affordable and available whenever it's needed.

Our story

There are times when we wanted to achieve some goals that are very personal, that only we and our peers understand. Whether if it’s  to watch a football game with your gang comfortably, cause your kids are asleep. Or trying out a new recipe you saw on YouTube, but never had the chance to try it out because you need all the equipment and things that you don’t have.

Or it could simply just be a quiet place that you can take a nap, and freshen up before you join your next meeting, because it’s such an awkward time to go back home.

We want to give you the ability to easily achieve whatever goals you have in spaces that brings the best out of you.

Why we started this business?

We started this business because we see an inefficiency in the traditional system of using a space.

There are times when we want to achieve a very personal thing, like trying out new cake recipes, needing a quiet place for revision, a place where we can comfortably to be the “Otaku” that we are, or simply just practice speaking a new language that because it is awkward to do it in public.

Often times we are unable to achieve our personal goals just because there are no suitable “space” for us to do certain things.

While at the same time, seeing suitable spaces just sits underutilised without means to access it or at least in ways that it’s affordable. Hence the idea of space sharing is born, you can take us as the business counterpart of Airbnb, but we believe that we’re in a totally different trejectory of our predecessors.

Not your typical venue rental website

We’re serving an underserved market where people are using these spaces in a different manner. Even though there are still commercial venues that list with us, the people & purpose that we aim to serve is different. And we believe that it should be easy for anyone to have a place of their own anytime they need it.

Spaces that suits every goal

Let's hear it from our users

Hosted a birthday party for my kid on September through Chupspace. The event is made affordable through their honest pricing policy and a perfect event can be done in a few clicks.

birthday party

Evelyn L.
Mother of two

Planning a seminar from Penang is so easy now when I use this!

Gunice W.
Marketing Executive, Beaute Mori

Now I can rent my studio on weekdays and make additional income from it, at the same time meeting like-minded people along this journey.

Mika K.
Owner, Midori Studio

Share space for yoga

How it works as host?

Make money sharing spaces that you don’t use often, even if it’s only a few hours a day

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