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About us

Since 2018, Chupspace connects you to unique spaces that inspire your best work while empowering businesses and individuals to monetize underutilised spaces through an easy to use online platform.


We aim to change how creatives like you work, or have fun today -- and how businesses think of their work spaces. With Chupspace, we make it easy for people to find a place to meet, share and collaborate.


We believe creativity is crucial for businesses to succeed in today's digital era, and working in a creative environment inspires you. Whether if it's a social meetup or exhibition, you can find the perfect place here.

How it started

It started with 2 guys that moved from rural areas to Kuala Lumpur in 2010, where the rental is expensive. The two started to feel the financial pressure of having to pay rent every month as a student.

They started inviting college friends to their rented house for house parties, or simply hang out at their place before the next class to make extra money to pay for rent. Quickly enough, the space becomes a popular location for students to hangout and sometimes having birthday parties, gathering and even taking a quick nap.

They quickly realized that people are constantly looking for places for various purposes and the main reason being having limited spaces in major cities, while at the same time a large number of spaces are left underutilized from rooftops, offices to the living room.

In 2018, Chupspace is born to connect people with unique locations that are left underutilized, while earning extra income.

Create memorable moments

Whether if it is a photoshoot, meetup, brainstorming session or private gathering, you're sure to find a space to create these moment

Our users

Hosted a birthday party for my kid on September through Chupspace. The event is made affordable through their honest pricing policy and a perfect event can be done in a few clicks.

Evelyn L.
Mother of two

Planning an event from Penang is really hectic as I'll need to deal with multiple vendors in Kuala Lumpur where I'm not familiar with. Dealing with Chupspace has made the process simple and all vendors & spaces are top-notch as it's reviewed by Chupspace team.

Gunice W.
Marketing Executive, Beaute Mori

It’s difficult to find a studio loft with natural light for my video session, and I manage to find it on Chupspace within 5 minutes. The studio looks exactly as described!

Managing Director, Cinestudio

Creating an impact in real estate

Rent for a purpose

Share your space for people to have photoshoots, exhibition, brainstorming sessions and any other purpose you can or can’t think of.

Enabling technology

We want to change how you see spaces and making it easy to share them with strangers for a few hours, through technology.

Share underutilised spaces

Share spaces when you’re not using it, from an empty meeting room you use once a week — to houses that are abandoned. 

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Book a space from local hosts to meet share and collaborate

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Make money by renting out extra underutilised spaces by the hour


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