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Chupspace connects business professionals to creative spaces for offsites, events & production. Saving 80% of time and money while utilising spaces from small businesses rather than ballrooms and overpriced venues.


We aim to change how creatives like you work, or have fun today -- and how businesses think of their work spaces. In the next 5 year, we aim to bring together 10 million people and we want you to be part of that journey.


Staying in the same space is the best way to kill creativity and productivity. That's why we started this company to let millions like us get inspired in creative locations. Whether if it's a social meetup or a kitchen to test out recipes, you can find the perfect place here.

How it started

It started when we are working on another company in early 2017. While growing businesses in a competitive environment are difficult, it is harder when the team is not motivated and lacks creativity.

To solve that issue, we conducted an offsite meeting for the team, a.k.a working in different locations, inspired by startups in Silicon Valley. The result is astonishing, as the team is able to accelerate progress and give solutions like never before, shrinking 8 hours of work (when done in office) to a mere 2 hours.

Trying to get better results, we tried to conduct offsite once a week and things quickly went downhill, as finding a unique location is hard and time-consuming. Local cafes have no amenities & facilities the team needs, and staying in the same cafe every time does not give as big of an impact as the first offsite.

While struggling to find spaces for offsite, we quickly realise that a lot of spaces in small businesses that are suitable but often underutlised, and we have no access to these places. After a few conversations, we found that many small businesses are struggling to find extra revenue to cover rental and operation costs and being able to monetise rented real estate is lucrative for them.

To solve our own problem, we started Chupspace, an online space sharing platform that connects professionals to unique short term spaces for meetings, events & production purposes, while helping business owners earn from their space that is wasted otherwise.

We aim to provide a safe and quick solution to connect professionals to spaces to inspire their best work, from having an offsite meeting to a promotional video shoot, a few hours at a time.

Justin, Founder & CEO

"We started Chupspace to solve our own problem, to inspire our team on working better, feel included and align their passion to the company's vision."

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Save 80% of your time when booking with us. No more phone calls and time-wasting visits.

Our users

Planning a seminar from Penang is so easy now when I use this!

Gunice W.
Marketing Executive, Beaute Mori

It’s difficult to find a studio loft with natural light for my video session, and I manage to find it on Chupspace within 5 minutes. The studio looks exactly as described!

Managing Director, Cinestudio

Planning a team-building event for the team of 25 in Agoda, Kuala Lumpur when I came across Chupspace. We're able to search for the right space within 10 minutes and get supported throughout the whole booking. Kudos to the team.

Owner, Aastach Enterprise

Changing the rental market

Connecting people to underutilised spaces

We want to change how you access space, you can book a space in a few clicks and create interesting moments in these previously underutilised spaces.

Enabling technology

We want to change how you see spaces and making it easy to share them with strangers for a few hours, with technology.

Share for a purpose

Whether it’s a dance rehearsal in yoga studio, a training session in bars or a video shooting in heritage houses, spaces are available at your fingertips.

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