As a host, you want to have more people coming in to your space and get more awareness. The best space is an experience to guests instead of just a space. Here’s 5 useful tips to increase your booking rate, WITHOUT DROPPING ANY PRICE

Be Reliable & Responsive

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The most worrisome when hosting is that problems arise during events and leave bad impressions to the customers. Make sure to let guests know how the rules beforehand and you are always there if they need you. So keep always be reachable, especially during event.

2. Promote Your Space

Be confident about your space and publicize them on the platform that could reach your customers. Let the world know how great your place could be to host their events! Design loyalty programme that could reward guests who refer friends to your place. Promotion and publication inform the customers about the benefits they could enjoy in renting your space.

3. Facilities, equipment & amenities

Guests are expecting facilities in the space to be in good condition. If you are providing a cozy environment, kitchenware such as cups and plates could add marks to your space. Think from guest’s point of view, what do they need when they are under the ambiance of your space. Basic stationery such as pens and papers will make your customers more convenient in the middle of their discussion. If you are having music players in your space, be sure to let customers know it in your listing description!

4. Identify Your Customer

Understanding the space you are able to provide and target the potential customer potentially. Plan your space availability according to your potential customer schedule, and set your space to their needs. If you are targeting a specific community, you need to understand their time and purpose. Then design your space to their preference and create an ambiance comfortable for their works.

5. Collect Reviews

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This could be the best way to improve your space to make it fits your customers’ taste more. Positive reviews collected will be the best testament to your space. According to Everbooked and LearnAirbnb, the reviews from customers significantly increase the booking rate of the space. This shows that communication with customers even after events is pivotal in determining your space booking rate.


While getting new customers s important, returning customers and their referral will definitely get you a long way.

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