Technology is driving changes in almost all industries, so do some long-held corporate cultures. While staffs in American Express, Shopline, and most start-ups are celebrating their new cultures on flexible working hours. While managers in corporates still held doubts about the efficiency and effectiveness of workplace flexibility. Managers, maybe you should loosen your grip on the employeestake a look at the 5 benefits mentioned here!

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1. Attract Better Talents

Talents are one of the most important assets in any company. When there are more successful companies with more or less the same welfare system for their workers, real talents get to choose for whom they would want to work for. One similar characteristic across all talents is that they have their own plan for everything, and know their priorities well. Other than offering them the salary which they deserved, give them flexibility in the workplace to tell them that you care about their priorities too! This gives talents ownership for their work and they would really appreciate the trust given to them to design their best suit working plan.

2. Health Issue

While companies do not mind bearing this cost for the overall well-development of the employees, yet this healthcare cost, or their lawful absence to work due to health issues, still imposed certain pressure over the profit gain in the companies’ balance sheet. A work-life balance for the employees is necessary to ease this financial burden for the companies. A flexible working schedule and fresh working place which give the employees the option to work in their most ready condition would really help to reduce health problems on them. Honestly, it’s not all about the cost of healthcare and the bottom line of the balance sheet, ultimately, the employees’ health well-being is a major concern, right?

3. Creativity

It’s not hard for employees to clock in on time, but that does not apply to the creative flows in their mind. Creativity comes when it shall come, you get that and history had proven that. Eureka did not come to Archimedes’ mind in the courtroom nor in the workshop. It came when Archimedes was in his bathtub, seeing the rising water level. Your employees might be in front of you working to his nose to the grind, but maybe even himself could not be sure if he is working to his best level. As such, how can you be sure of the quality of their works? Respect the moment that every new Eureka clocks into your employees, it could even be in the moment when they are talking to their mates or brewing coffee in the kitchen!

4. Better Customer Service

Flexible working increase employees’ commitment level to their jobs. Consider especially employees who are dealing with the customers at the front line. If employees are tied to the rigid working system, how can they be available for the customers when customers need them at a moment out of the office hour? Allowing employees who know their clients best to plan their own job scope according to clients’ preference would help to provide better customer service and build good customer relationship.

5. Job Allocation

Flexibility in workplace is not becoming a trend for no reason. It shows the recognitions of the roles each person plays in the workplace and out of the workplace. Companies which are open to changes are giving themselves more flexibility in terms of job allocations. As everyone in a team is not tied to a fixed job scope, they will always be free to contribute their ideas and be ready to assist and give backups to one another to achieve the sole aim of making their project a success.


Flexible working culture motivates employees to work hard for their job as more freedom and trust are given to them. This working culture will revolutionize the industries to be proven as a working pattern that could maximize the productivity of the employees and reduce unnecessary bureaucratic decision costs for companies. That’s the reason why Chupspace is here, to help bring out the best of your team, yet improve your profit growth.