5 reasons to host on Chupspace over lodging

5 Reasons to Host on Chupspace over homestay

1. It is much easier to start a rental space compared to homestay

In the era of sharing economy, it is easy to think that Airbnb or other private lodging platforms are much more established in Southeast Asia. But it imposes bigger hurdle to enter as a host as there are a lot more established players and better units around. But as of 2020, the lowest entry hurdle is space rental industry.

Space rental existed long before we even started, and it has a strong business element in it that most people cannot forego, such as a “meeting room”, “revision / study room”, or a “filming studio”.

If you’re able to create a unique atmosphere for the business and with the right facilities, you can actually start a space rental business other than only thinking of homestays.

Adding in facilities like projector can make a room into a meeting / gathering space and can be rented out

2. With platforms like Chupspace, any underutilised spaces can be listed

What exactly is an “idle space”? It’s basically places where you have that you don’t use often like your home, meeting room or rooftop. If you take a look at other listing on Chupspace website, you can find where, what and how spaces can be rented.

  • A room that you don’t use can be turned into a meeting room and rented
  • Rooftop can be used for family gathering and BBQ
  • Living room can be used for offsite meeting, filming and others.

There are spaces that are rented out with new ideas and are gaining popularity, so it’s fun just to look at them.

3. Since hosting people to overnight could be a high hurdle, why not just start by sharing hourly?

location shoot

It is much more challenging to rent for people to stay, because it is definitely harder to control what people are doing for the night, and the noise level may disturb neighbours as well.

So why not only share it in the morning while you get back your house at the end of the day? Or simply share one part of your house to be used (e.g. first floor)

For home owners like this, we recommend you use Chupspace and try to accept guests even for a short time. Since the platform is similar, you can also know the mechanism from inquiry to reservation, actual acceptance, and writing of reviews.

If you’re wondering, “I’m at home, what are people renting the place for?”.

Let’s change our mindset, as it is unpredictable who will be coming from where if you put it online!

4. If you think your home is not good, is there any other space like an old shoplot or bar that don’t open in the morning?

In some cases, homes are usually too small or you’re sharing with others. You can look for old house or shoplot that your parents has, and have a hard time renting out to test out as a trial space. You may find unexpected demand for the rental, in this case, a pop-up store in an old commercial shop lot.

To be honest, most hosts started by thinking “is it worth it”? But you’ll never know until you try, and it is pretty easy to start renting out spaces by installing small facilities like projector, tables/chairs, BBQ equipment, TV, etc.

5. The experience of actually renting out is the starting point for everything. The property for me is quite close to me!

The interesting part of the sharing economy is that you can increase efficiency, productivity, and create new value by sharing and utilizing existing things and places, but the most important thing is that it is something you already have, and usually neglected. 

In fact, hosts are also having a lot of fun, as there are use cases that you never think may happen before like pop-up stores, photoshoots, gathering that took place in these spaces.

People who are thinking about private lodging, home sharing, etc. and haven’t been able to move yet. If you have a space that you can rent, let’s get started. I’m sure there is a new experience there.


Chupspace connects professionals to creative spaces, while helping small business owners monetise their underutilised spaces by the hour.

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